UR Racing For Proton Perdana Front Strut Bar / Front Tower Bar 2 Points



Product details of UR Racing For Proton Perdana Front Strut Bar / Front Tower Bar 2 Points

UR Racing For Proton Perdana Front Strut Bar / Front Tower Bar 2 Points

Item Description:

During the development phase of UR Racing bars, we ensure the products are in accordance to our design and development philosophy. We conduct real on-road performance test as well as on-track testing. In order to

obtain data, we also invented three testing jigs, namely Bending Test Jig, Torsion Test and Flex Test Jig. These jigs are used to test the performance of our products ona continuous basis.

The strut bar is bolted to the jig to simulate the actual situation on the vehicle chassis. For torsion test jig, torque is applied to one side of the bar, and the amount of twist is recorded. Torque used was calculated and fixed at


For compression test jig, forces are applied along both sides of the bar. Maximum compression force is recorded to study the structure of various kind of designs that the bar can withstand under different driving conditions

including impact simulating an accident. We use a hydraulic pump to compress at set pressures and record the results.

For flex test jig, torques are applied on the ends of the bars to simulate the performance of the bar under chassis flex conditions. Torque used for the experiment is fixed at 8kg/m.

Stabilizer Bar / Front Strut Bar

When a vehicle takes a corner, part of the shock impact are being transferred to the vehicle’s strut tower causing wheel house and lower arm deforming. With UR Racing’s front and rear strut bar installed, by tying two

parallel strut towers together, this will transmits the load of each strut tower during cornering via tension and compression of the strut bar which shares the load between two strut towers and reduces chassis flex.

For better understanding, we’ve conducted a trial illustrating how it is possible for a strut tower on the chassis to flex during cornering and how our product came in place and reduces the possible consequences.

As vehicle bodyroll is something which we couldn’t observe, we’ve decided to cut the front strut bar into exactly half in order to prove that chassis does flex whenever the vehicle is taking a corner or doing any changes in

steering position. As you can see from the photo above, each side of the strut is still able to stick in place although it has been separated into two pieces because the vehicle being parked with zero movement.

The next photo is the main key of the verification where a vehicle cornering illustration has been conducted. With one wheel slightly jacked which simulate the vehicle in taking a corner. Changes in the joint osition can

already be observed so obviously, imagine the vehicle suffers from even more chassis flex whenever travelling on even bad condition of roads and cruising high speed in corners.

Another closer look, it has clearly shown how much drops between each side of the strut tower and once again chassis flex proven to be there.

With UR Racing’s front strut bar installed, it is going to help in neutralize the flex and transfer

In order to reach the desired performance of UR Racing products, we constantly monitor the quality of our products not only during the production stage, but also conduct strict performance testing afterwards.

Item Description…

– 100 % New Item In Box

– Bracket Thickness : 4-5MM

– Bar Thickness : 1.2MM-1.6MM

– Bar Quality : Solid Steal Plate

– No Damaged and No Broken Tab

– Exactly Same Item In The Picture


– Made of high quality steel, provides more strength

– Extra thickness of bracket and tubes to maintain constant geometry at all times

– Improve handling, stability at high speed and cornering, hence safer driving


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