PTT Challenger – 4T Semi Synthetic 10W30 / 10W40 / 15W50


Synthetic technology motorcycle oil. Recommended for all models of high performance 4-stroke motorcycles including gearboxes in 2-stroke motorcycles.


CHALLENGER 4T is synthetic technology 4-stroke motorcycle oil formulated to improve engine performance for all models of modern bikes. It has excellent engine cleanliness and optimizes friction control for smooth gear shifting.


  • Offers excellent engine cleanliness controlling of ring and piston deposit.
  • Provides superior engine / gear lubrication and wear protection.
  • Optimizes friction control for smooth gear shifting.
  • Extends engine life and drain interval.
  • Improves acceleration response and fuel economy. (SAE 10W-30)
  • Delivers engine performance and horsepower. (SAE 10W-40)
  • Offers superior film strength for engine protection under high rpm. (SAE 15W-50)


  • Designed for high performance air and water- cooled of 4-stroke motorcycles.
  • Recommended for both fuel injection and carburetor technology.
  • Suitable for gearboxes in 2-stroke motorcycles.
  • NOTE: Choosing viscosity grade following by the manufacturer’s recommendations, recommended viscosity grade SAE 15W-50 for high speed driving such as big bikes and choppers.


  • Enable engine responsiveness and fuel economy
  • Deliver engine performance and horsepower
  • Excellent engine cleanliness
  • Optimize friction control for smooth gear shifting
  • Extended oil drain intervals


  • JASO MA2
  • API SL
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