Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic 5W40 (4L)



BLAZE RACING FULLY SYNTHETIC 5W-40 with TS3 is designed to give optimum protection under extreme driving conditions, such as high speed driving, intense hot or cold environment, stop and go traffic, and heavy loads. Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic is highly recommended for high-performance gasoline and light-duty direct injection diesel engines. The unique additive technology called Thermal Stress Stabilizing System (TS3) keeps the oil stable even at extreme temperatures, providing ultimate protection from engine stress. Properties – Excellent control of piston deposit and soot for superior engine cleanliness – Superior thermal and oxidation stability for longer oil-drain interval – Superior wear protection on engine parts for longer engine life Application – Sports cars / Luxury cars /High performance cars – Modified racing cars – SUVs and other gasoline engines – Also suitable for light duty diesel cars