EXN Extentios – SAE 10W60 Turbo Tech 10W-60


EXN – Extentios Turbotech – 10W60 API SM/CI-4 is a premium 100% PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) it’s a range of products specially formulated for and tested in race and rally conditions in a variety of cars. These engine oils are based on the very latest concept of synthetic fluids such as chemically pure esters that have been carefully chosen to provide the maximum level of engine protection and deliver specific performance benefits vital in motor racing. EXN – Extentios Turbotech – 10W60 API SM/CI-4 for larger race and rally engines, with or without turbochargers, especially where subject to severe and high stress conditions.


For competition or high performance modified engines. Suitable for all normally aspirated and turbo-charged engines from 2 litres upwards. It’s recommended for petrol engines (multi-valve and turbo types, with or without catalytic converter), turbo-charged or naturally aspirated in cars and light vans.


* Premium 100% PAO and Ester full synthetic base oils for ultimate performance
* Full zinc anti-wear with Molytech additive package for wear protection
* Increases power output and torque, superior anti-friction and anti-wear characteristics
* Latest oil technology for less wear, sludge & piston deposits
* Enhanced thermal and oxidation stability to resist oil breakdown and extremely low oil consumption and evaporation loss.
* Exclusive competition-proven chemistry reduces internal friction and enhances power output.
* Protection of thrust bearing varnish control on shaft bushing deposit and buildup control on the compressor,
compressor seal plate and turbo housing

Product Performance Claim

ACEA: A3 / B3-10, A3 / B4-10

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