Ecoshine enhancer

  • Dilution : Ready to use
  • Carrier : Waterbased
  • Consumption : 30-50ml/m2
  • pH : 7
  • Contact Angle : 110°
  • Durability : 2-4 weeks
  • 500 ml
  • All surfaces

VOC : 0gm/l


A waterbased, zero VOC nanotechnology hybrid quick detail formulation with superb durable hydrophobic and gloss enhancing effect that is safe to be applied to all parts of your vehicle. It creates a surface that is slick, glossy and protected. ecoshine enhancer can be used when the vehicle is dry or when it is still wet after a wash. When used after a wash, it aids drying.


  • INSTANT RESULT: Creates a clean high gloss and slick finish result
  • PROTECT & REFRESH: Protects the exterior surface and also works as a quick maintenance agent
  • SAFE FORMULATION: Formulation is free from dangerous solvents, Non-toxic, biodegradable and REACH compliant
  • ZERO ODOUR: Fully water-based formulation with no foul chemical odour
  • DRYING AID: Works fantastic as a drying aid after a vehicle wash
  • EASY TO USE: Simple and straightforward application method