Ecoshine dash

  • Dilution : Ready to use
  • Carrier : Waterbased
  • Consumption : 10-30ml/m2
  • pH : 7
  • Durability : 2 weeks
  • All textile and porous leather
  • 500 ml

VOC : 0gm/l


A nanotechnology based waterbased, zero VOC dashboard protectant that provides a natural look. Our bio-based ingredients protect and condition vinyl, but don’t give you a toxic-fume headache. It also works as a short term UV absorber.

  • INSTANT RESULT: Creates a clean low-gloss finish result
  • PROTECT: Protects vinyl, trim, plastic and leather
  • SAFE FORMULATION: Formulation is free from NPE, Non-toxic, biodegradable and REACH compliant
  • FRESH SMELL: Blend of natural lavender essential oil produces a fresh and clean smell.
  • NO RESIDUE: It doesn’t leave any sticky or shiny residue
  • EASY TO USE: Simple and straightforward application method