Alpine LongLife III 5W30 5W-30


Alpine Longlife III is a HC-synthetic high-performance low-friction oil for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars. The oil is a low-SAP product with reduced sulphur, ash and phosphorus content. Base oils produced with the latest synthesis technology and carefully chosen innovative highperformance additives help reduce the sulphated ash content and guarantee reliable wear protection and keep the engine clean. Excellent cold start behaviour ensures optimum lubrication during the cold start phase. The product provides reliable protection under extreme conditions and high temperatures.
Alpine Longlife III is recommended for use under all operating conditions and helps protect the environment as it reduces harmful emissions.

Use instructions:
Alpine Longlife III has been specially designed for modern passenger car engines. It is particularly recommended for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW/Audi engines with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.
Alpine Longlife III prolongs the service life of the exhaust aftertreatment system and enhances its performance.


VW-Norm 504 00/507 00
MB-approval 229.51
BMW Longlife-04

Porsche C30
* meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer

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